Although owning a lift truck is much more commonplace than renting one, the Hyster Company knows that every business has various requirements. This is the reason why your local Hyster dealer has thousands of rental units available for those times when owning the piece of machine may not be feasible or necessary. These models can be leased on a long term or short term basis depending upon your company needs. Usually, a truck is needed temporarily when a different truck is being serviced. Changes in season might change the demands on your business and storage of extra forklifts for the off-season might not be practical, so there might be times when several rental trucks are required.

Ideally, lift trucks will all be equipped with a basic package which could deal with each and every job. Realistically, this is not the case. The Hyster Special Products Engineering Department, or SPED, is dedicated to customizing each truck to meet all your application requirements. They could equip equipment with everything from totally specializing a unit to meet a particular job to simple audible and visual warning devices. Whatever the situation, SPED will work with you to get you the truck with the tools you require.

Further, your Hyster dealer could help you find financing options when adding equipment to your existing line is challenging. Whether you lease or purchase machines, second-hand or new, Hyster Capital could offer you remarkable service at competitive rates. All our dealers are dedicated to finding you the right alternatives at the best value to your business.

For your ever-changing application and business requirements, your local Hyster dealer is available to help you select the rental models most appropriate for you.

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