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Forklift Parts Cold Lake - The city of Cold Lake, named after the nearby lake, is situated within the northeastern part of Alberta. The city is located around 300 km northeast of Edmonton within Alberta's "Lakeland" region, which is near the Alberta-Saskatchewan provincial border. The area neighboring the city is sparsely inhabited, and comprises mostly of farmland. The Cold Lake Air Weapons Range, situated to the north of the city, is the Canadian equivalent to the Air Force's Nellis Air Force Range of the United States.

The city of Cold Lake was first recorded on a 1790 map, by the name of Coldwater Lake. Originally three communities, Cold Lake was formed by combining the Town of Grand Centre, the Town of Cold Lake, and Medley (Canadian Forces Base 4 Wing) on the 1st of October, 1996. Grand Centre was renamed Cold Lake South, and the original Cold Lake is referred to as Cold Lake North. Because of its origins, the region is also called the Tri-Town.

The city's economy is greatly dependent upon the military and its base called CFB Cold Lake. Also, the area has an emerging gas and oil exploration sector. The Athabasca Oil Sands project within Fort McMurray is having a growing influence in the area too. The Cold Lake oil sands may become an essential contributor to the local economy.

Every year the city of Cold Lake hosts military forces from all over the globe for Exercise Maple Flag, a training exercise where support staff and pilots of NATO allies can take advantage of the Air Weapons Range and relatively open rural air space. Running from 4 to 6 weeks and starting during the month of May of each year, commercial accommodations in the entire area are left with little to no vacancy. This annual exercise contributes a considerable amount of capital into these businesses and various hospitality-related industries.

Canadian Forces Base Cold Lake, normally known as CFB Cold Lake, is a Canadian Forces Base located in the City of Cold Lake, Alberta. It is operated as an air force base by the Royal Canadian Air Force and is one of two bases within the country making use of the CF-18 Hornet fighter/interceptor. Its main lodger unit is 4 Wing.

Civilian passenger service was available through the Medley passenger terminal on the periphery of the air base. The regularly scheduled air service between the civilian terminal and Calgary was canceled during June 2011. Unscheduled civilian air traffic is usually directed to the Cold Lake Regional Airport. Cold Lake/Group Captain R.W McNair Airport is the name of the facility. It is among just three military aerodromes in the country to be named after an individual, Valcartier Heliport and Moose Jaw/Air Vice Marshal C.M. McEwen Airport being the others.

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